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Industrial Iron Scrap

Industrial Iron Scrap

Recycling of iron and steel scrap is very high; in fact, internal to steel plants virtually 100%. In general, recycling of total scrap to this industry is well above 70% and increasing. A critical raw material supply to the minimills has been scrap, and this has become true for the integrated mills with high continuous casting yields. Most minimills have scrap recycling divisions or subsidiary scrap companies in an effort to control their raw material costs, a critical factor for steel plants almost totally dependent on scrap for their raw material supply.

Iron and steelmaking slags have been used as filler materials in construction materials, including insulating boards, cement, and bituminous materials.

Recycling of oxidized iron-bearing materials and coal and coke waste products in integrated steel plants is a problem which is coming under control. These waste products amount to about 10% by weight of the total steel output. Suitable agglomeration processes can directly recycle over 80% of this material as charge material to the iron blast furnace. Other recycling opportunities exist for the remaining materials.

The increase in coated products, particularly galvanized sheet materials, has created further challenges for recycling the dust collected in the steelmaking processes which have become enriched in zinc. Several viable processes for extracting zinc from these recovered dusts have become commercial.

Producers of stainless steel face serious environmental challenges in terms of alloy waste products. One specific concern is directed toward valence five chromium ions in waste products and product solutions.

The industry has made every effort to respond to these issues. New construction costs for environmental controls for steel production installations amount to over 35% of total capital investment. This issue in the USA has been especially burdensome for coking facilities which have not been renovated or reconstructed, but have been sent offshore, exporting pollution, and at the same time employment and capital generation.

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